How to Apply for Work at Agriberry Farm

Step One:  Completely read our Harvest Crew Job Description.

Step Two:  If you feel you fit the job requirements, use this link to our Worker Application Form.

Step Three: Depending on our need for workers, you will be contacted to set a time to come to the farm for an interview.

Step Four:  Following your interview, you will be notified by the Field Manager as to your status, your rate of compensation, and start date.

Step Five:  For new hires, there is a 5-working day paid Review Period, which constitutes the final phase of your interview process.  If you complete this Review Period to the Field Supervisor’s satisfaction, you will be invited to join the harvest crew for the remainder of the season.

Note: If you have questions about the application process feel free to email, however please do not email asking about the status of your application. So long as you completed the application form we have received it and will consider it as we need new hires.