Retail Sales Manager

Job Description

Job Title: Retail Sales Manager                                                                        Department: Sales and Marketing

Reports To: General Manager                                                                           Supervised Staff Size: 6 – 15

Status & Salary: $18-$23/Hr. Annual Full Time ($36-46k Base Salary equivalent), Non-exempt                                    Benefits: Health Care Contribution, Matching IRA Retirement, PTO, Bonus Incentives     

Seasonality and Hours: April – Oct. 40-50/wk, Nov. – March 28-35/wk, Begins Mid-March 2024
Work Week: Friday-Tuesday 


The Retail Sales Manager works in conjunction with the Membership and Engagement Coordinator to plan product allocation. The RSM recruits, trains, informs, leads, manages and holds accountable Market Leads and Associates. This position is responsible for the supervision, direction, coordination, and processes related to farmers’ markets and market staff. They are also Market Lead at key markets. They will lead farmers’ market initiatives, plan marketing goals, and act as liaison between Agriberry leadership and Market Leads and Associates. They coordinate shared staff and product responsibilities closely with the ME Coordinator. 


ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES, including but not limited to: 

  1. Coordinates, communicates and prepares product allocation, market materials, and information weekly. 
  2. While on site at any Farmers’ Market, acts as an exemplary Market Lead. 
  3. Maintains knowledge of product source, seasonal availability, growing methods, and fruit quality. Disperses updates regarding this information to all relevant marketing staff via specific training and regular communication. 
  4. Interviews, hires, schedules, and trains new Market Leads and Associates.
  5. Coordinates staffing allocations, training, product allocations, revenue goals, sales, and other department responsibilities with the ME Coordinator. 
  6. Coordinates transportation needs to all farmers’ markets, ensuring drivers are qualified, trained and insured. 
  7. Manages annual market applications and scouts possible new market locations. 
  8. Responsible for communications with farmers’ market managers as needed in regards to market applications, product updates, payments, compliance, and other necessary correspondence. 
  9. Coordinates with General Manager, Harvest Supervisor and Warehouse Manager to maximize retail revenue, especially during peak season. 
  10. Manages inventory available for retail sale through online marketplaces and product allocation decisions. 
  11. Participates in necessary food safety and alternative funding (WIC, SNAP, etc) training. 
  12. Coordinates with other Social Media stakeholders to promote us on Social Media platforms.  
  13. Responds to weekend special orders, customer service inquiries, etc. via the email account and their Agriberry telephone number. 
  14. Creates promotional materials and signage.
  15. Performs other duties as assigned or as necessary.


  • Demonstrated passion for local farming and the agriculture industry, with an understanding of Agriberry’s mission and core values.
  • Demonstrated ability to operate professionally, positively and independently in a sales position.
  • Effective leadership, communication, team building and motivational skills.
  • Effective planning, problem solving and project management skills.
  • Demonstrated understanding of staffing, training, accountability, and scheduling.  
  • Ability to operate in a fast-paced environment and promote Agriberry to customers accurately. 
  • Enthusiasm, trustworthiness, personal integrity, and honesty. 
  • Good attention to detail, asset security, state of the market station, and employee/customer relations. 
  • Strong load management skills of fragile, heavy, valuable product moving medium to long distances (30-120 minute drives) while maximizing the cold chain using the resources of various vehicles in Agriberry’s fleet. 
  • Responsible driving capabilities of larger vehicles, i.e. non-CDL box trucks, refrigerated vans, and stretch vans.


  • Experience in farmers markets or retail marketing. 
  • Demonstrated people, leadership, and communication (written and verbal) skills. 
  • Valid VA Driver’s License to drive market vehicles. 
  • Ability to successfully pass a background check and other pre-employment screening.


  • Able to tolerate extreme temperatures. 
  • Able to lift & carry items up to 50 lbs.
  • Able to stand for long periods of time.
  • Able to safely bend, kneel, slide, shuffle, push, and pull products. 
  • Able to work at early hours, beginning as early as 3AM.