Picking Your Berries Is Like Picking Your Friends:

Not as Easy as You Hoped!

Here’s where Bridget might enter her content about something like tips for choosing the berry best berries on the table, and why the quality of the berries is so highly variable in the space of just a day or two.

You’d be amazed–or maybe not– at the number of customers that will come to a Tuesday market and comment on an email from the previous Thursday and not understand why we said we were worried about the quality of the berries for Saturday in our MailChimp. They are expecting the same issues when they come to the market table on the following Tuesday, everything looks super….or vice versa.

And I constantly hear “Oh, I had them last week and they were wonderful.” People simply cannot get their heads around what a difference 24-48 hours makes in the quality (flavor and durability) and quantity and appearance of berries. So this is just a test for the post and we’ll see what happens when I bring this into the new page and I wish I had lots more content to add because I’d like to see how the excerpt and read more functions work on the new page I just set.