Status & Salary: Non-exempt, Hourly, Part Time, $15 per hour

Primary Function: The Office Assistant performs organizational, administrative, and bookkeeping functions to support Agriberry Farm’s operations and mission.

Schedule: TBD, but mornings 9-Noon, Monday -Friday are preferred.

Office Assistant Responsibilities

  1. Prepares invoices and applies deposits using Quickbooks.
  2. Assists with inventory receiving in Quickbooks.
  3. Prepares cash boxes for Agriberry’s markets and reconciles the cash boxes following markets, and prepares reporting and bank deposits.
  4. Maintains the bank of change and petty cash for the farm.
  5. Prepares reports (pre and post-market) from the Square online and point of sale system.
  6. Prepares reports and product reports for the farm’s online markets (Birdhouse and Fall Line).
  7. Helps organize, clean and maintain the farm office.
  8. Creates and maintains forms and templates for general office use, including SOP’s, memos, etc.
  9. Assists with the organization of Google Drive.
  10. Assists with the Trello Orders Board, including posting new order cards and archiving old cards.
  11. Performs general administrative duties such as filing, laminating, and photocopying.
  12. Provides banking support.
  13. Provides support for the customers and other farm visitors.
  14. Other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Attention to detail.
  2. Ability to work independently.
  3. Quickbooks, spreadsheet and previous office experience preferred.

Physical Requirements

Ability to interact with a computer.