Mission and Core Values

Agriberry Farm Mission and Core Values

The Geyer family and the team at Agriberry Farm believe in the farm’s mission to:

grow great berries and fruit and be an agriculture education opportunity for motivated workers.

Learn more about the farm’s history. Learn more about who works at the farm. To join the team at Agriberry Farm, visit our Hiring page.

What makes Agriberry Exceptional?

  • Superior product knowledge
  • Extended season of flavorful Mid-Atlantic, Family-farmed fruit
  • Multi-generational agriculture education

What is Agriberry’s Niche?

  • Connecting customers with high-quality fruit from family-owned and operated farms

What is Agriberry’s Goal?

  • Cultivating vitality!

Core Values

In addition to the farm mission, Agriberry Farm has Identified the following Core Values to be shared and demonstrated by all employees:

  • A Quality Experience

Always striving for the best encounters

  • Best Practices

Prioritizing quality and sustainability

  • Can Do Attitude

Demonstrating flexibility in changing conditions

  • Dynamic

Seeking and sharing enriching information

If you notice any of these values in your interactions with us, please let us know!