Our community is suddenly enriched with a wealth of exciting small-scale restaurants and neighborhood-sized retailers focused on thinking and using local resources.  And Agriberry Farm is ready to help!

Are you looking for:

  • berries still warm from the field during harvest season,
  • crisp mountain-grown apples from a partner farmer,
  • frozen whole berries or frozen de-seeded puree,
  • refrigerator-packed jams from our kitchen,
  • jarred pantry items for retail, or
  • something else we didn’t think of??

Agriberry Farm offers wholesale (including delivery options!) during most of the year for selected fresh, frozen/refrigerated and shelf stable items. If you are a producer or restaurant in search of local fruit resources or a small scale regional retailer, we would love to add you to our Wholesale List.   Email us at info@agriberry.com today!

Need more flexibility in quantities and delivery schedules than Agriberry Farm can offer? We recommend that you contact Virginia Growers Specialty Produce (VGSP), a food hub operated by Manakintowne Specialty Growers, as a great resource for smaller quantities of special items for your kitchen.

Another great regional wholesale resource with which we are proud to partner is the non-profit Local Food Hub organization, based in the Charlottesville area with a mission to partner with area farmers to increase community access to local food. These folks are terrific to work with, and be sure to tell them we sent you!  And, yes, we are completely biased: They awarded Agriberry Farm their Producer of the Year for 2015!!

Restaurant Owners and Chefs

Whether you are running a bed and breakfast, an eclectic gift or food shop, a food truck or 5-star restaurant, we would love to hear from you! A partnership with Agriberry Farm provides the freshest fruit, jams and preserves, purees and frozen berries, and more to serve your customers. Please use the form below. We look forward to working with you!

RVA Special Orders