Pay Range: $15 – $16.50; Bonus Opportunities Available

Hours: 6-10 Hrs per shift, 1-4 shifts/wk, Seasonal or Annual Full Time Employee Role 

Primary Function: This position acts as the primary on-site representative of Agriberry at various farmers’ market and CSA Pop-up sites. They are responsible for double checking props and materials, securely loading product at the farm, driving those materials to market, orchestrating market stand set up, proving premium customer service and product familiarity while representing Agriberry professionally, fully maintaining the stand during operating hours, using safety and efficiency to break down the stand, returning all assets safely and neatly to the farm at the conclusion of their sales event, and filling out after market reports and corresponding duties accurately. 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: 

  1. Double checks all necessary materials for markets and loads remaining necessities securely. Including but not limited to: tables, canopy, props, signs, packaging, cashbox, clipboards, transaction tablet, fruits, and  jams.
  2. Site set-up, maintenance, sales, and  breakdown individually or with supporting Market Associate(s). This can include setting up tables, canopies, stocking, writing and/or positioning accurate signs and banners, and making the market site ready with appealing displays that facilitate efficient sales flow.
  3. While on site at any Farmers’ Market or pop-up provides premium sales service to all customers. This includes product knowledge, actively engaged presence and personable interactions. 
  4. While providing CSA shares, conveys familiarity, assurance, and gratitude while promoting the product. Accurately assembles and distributes CSA shares. [May-October; Tues, Wed & Thurs]
  5. Attends marketing meetings and relevant SLACK channels to maintain knowledge of weekly share, produce source, seasonal availability, growing methods, and fruit quality standards. 
    • Meetings will occur Monthly(as needed) May-October.
    • SLACK correspondence will occur weekly, with mandatory participation and/or acknowledgement before their market.
  6. Responsible for confirming amounts of outgoing fruit in load, fruit allocations on site (CSA, Preorders, Market Stock), accurately recording returns, and making notes of any reasons for discrepancies. Includes tracking discounts and culled subpar-quality fruit. These are accurately noted on supplied notecards and returns notebook to reconcile products sold with income. 
  7. During load, sales, pack, and return, maintain attention to quality and handling of fruit. This includes loading to avoid tipping or shifting, setup and transport that maximize the cold chain and keep fruit out of direct sunlight, packing to prevent bruising while returning, and clear product and quality distinctions when unloading and logging returns.    
  8. Performs other duties as necessary.