And the Next Generation Steps Forward….

The average age of farmers in the United States has been rising, and is now more than 58 years old. In addition to growing great fruit, a core mission for the Geyer family is to help introduce young workers to the importance, challenges and rewards of farming.  As such, Agriberry Farm hires as many area youth as possible each summer, with the hope of inspiring a few new farmers along the way. And even if our summer workers don’t turn out to be farmers, this program offers a first employment and broader learning opportunity for many members of our harvest team each season.

If you are interested in participating in our summer harvest program, the minimum age for this position is 14, and no previous agricultural experience is required. That said, we especially encourage those who have previous farm or outdoor work experience (paid or unpaid), and enthusiasm for local, specialty-crop agriculture to apply.

We hope our workers will gain:

  • job application and interview skills,
  • new employment and social skills,
  • an awareness of agriculture as a career opportunity, and
  • a deeper connection with–and appreciation of–their food supply.

When to Apply

The majority of our summer Harvest Crew are students on break from school. We begin accepting applications for the coming harvest season in Spring, and we contact workers in batches in May based on their potential availability date in order to have an initial team ready for the fields when the harvest begins in mid-to late May. We will do another round of interviews and hiring in early June to prepare for the next wave of hiring in mid-to-late June. We will continue adding workers as needed throughout the harvest season, and you never know when we might need someone like you!

If you are serious about learning more about farming and are interested in field work at the farm in the early spring or late fall, please let us know.  We have a small group of more experienced extended season workers, and you might be a good addition to that team.

When Not to Apply

Our Harvest Crew jobs are very physically demanding, and the heat can be extreme.  If you have health conditions that might be adversely affected, including heat or sun sensitivity or knowledge of significant allergies to stings from bees and wasps, don’t apply.

And Just Sayin’….

We love that you are interested in working for the farm, and we thank you for applying. Repeated applications, phone calls or emails are, however, guaranteed NOT to enhance your chances for employment with Agriberry Farm. Once you have completed the application, so long as you ended on the completed application page, we have recevied it and will review it accordingly. Thanks for being flexible with us, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

A Shout Out to Agriberry Farm’s CSA Members!

On behalf of the Geyer family, young workers past and present, we want to heartily thank all Agriberry Farm CSA members who make it possible to offer this summer employment opportunity.  There are cheaper, more efficient ways to harvest crops, but we feel this connection between young workers and agriculture in their community is berry, berry important! Each Full Share membership supports the labor costs for a Harvest Team member for approximately four weeks! Wow! We couldn’t do it without you!

A Note to Parents

If you feel this program might be a good fit for your son or daughter, please encourage them to apply. Your consent will be requested if they are under 18. Please don’t apply on their behalf. As part of the learning opportunity of this program, we ask that you allow them to work through the steps to employment on their own.

How to Apply for Work at Agriberry Farm

Step One:  Completely read our Harvest Crew Job Description, which applies to our Young Worker Training Program participants.

Step Two:  If you feel you fit the job requirements, use this link to our Worker Application Form.

Step Three: Depending on our need for workers, you will be contacted to set a time to come to the farm for an interview.

Step Four:  Following your interview, you will be notified by the Field Manager as to your status, your rate of compensation, and start date.

Step Five:  For new hires, there is a 5-working day paid Training Period, which constitutes the final phase of your interview process.  If you complete this Period to the Field Supervisor’s satisfaction, you will be invited to join the harvest crew for the remainder of the season.