Welcome to Agriberry Farm’s Hiring Page!

Thank you for your interest in joining Agriberry Farm. We have currently filled all 2023 positions. The farm pays $15/hr for all associate and lead positions.

While we welcome workers of all ages and backgrounds, the seasonal nature of our work makes it ideal for students, especially in our Field and Marketing roles. When possible, we encourage cross-department opportunities, so if you’re interested in combining positions to add hours, please let us know.

Some positions may be offered as full-time, year-round opportunities, so let us know if that’s a priority for you. Full-time employees of Agriberry Farm are eligible for benefits including Health Care, Personal Time Off (PTO), and retirement contributions.

To learn more about some of our current team members, visit our Who’s Who page.

How to Apply for Work at Agriberry Farm

  1. Read the brief job overviews below for each department.
  2. If you’re interested, follow the link provided to read the DETAILED JOB DESCRIPTION for the position.
  3. If you feel you fit the job requirements, use the link provided to apply for that position.
  4. You will be contacted to schedule an initial interview or for additional information, if needed.
  5. Following your interview, you will be notified as to whether you will be offered a position, your rate of compensation, and start date.