Welcome to Agriberry Farm’s Hiring Page!

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How to Apply for Work at Agriberry Farm

  1. Read the brief job overviews provided below.
  2. If you’re interested, use the link provided to read the DETAILED JOB DESCRIPTION for the position.
  3. To apply, please use the link provided to the 2024 Application Form.
  4. We will reach out for an initial interview based on qualifications and timeline listed for the role.
  5.  Each position may involve multiple interviews to determine our final candidate decision.
  6. Following your interview, you will be notified as to whether you will be offered a position, your rate of compensation, and start date.

Field Opportunities

Working as part of the Field Team at Agriberry Farm can be a great way to learn more about local specialty-crop agriculture, contribute to your local food economy, work in an outdoor environment and and be part of a healthy, active workplace with high standards for all employees. Many Field Team members return year after year, and opportunities for leadership and advancement exist. In accordance with Federal and Virginia labor laws, Agriberry Farm does not offer overtime on field labor.

Most Field positions will start in May, with exact timing depending on your schedule and our harvest conditions. We will begin interviewing for available positions in April for mostly May/June starts.

Field Associate, 20-40+ hours per week

Field Associates at Agriberry Farm typically work 20 to 40+ hours per week picking blackberries, raspberries and other fruit for sale to the farm’s customers. Please read the detailed job description available here. If you are interested in the position and would like to apply, please complete our application here.

Marketing Team Opportunities

Agriberry Farm is actively seeking individuals who love to build positive relationships with customers while working at our area markets in an outdoor environment. If you are hard working, outgoing, independent and friendly, please consider bringing your talent to our Marketing Team.
Most positions will start the first week of May. We have morning and evening shifts on weekdays and weekends to fit many schedules. Join Agriberry Farm, and you will learn about berries and other fruit while working directly with customers.

Farmers’ Market Associate

 If you are new to Agriberry Farm and have limited comparable experience, this might be the spot for you as a helper at one of our busier markets.
A detailed job description can be found here, please review it carefully.

Farmers’ Market Lead

If you are a returning member of the Marketing Team, or you have lots of comparable experience, you may be eligible for a Market Lead position.
A detailed job description can be found here, please review it carefully.

Once you have read the job descriptions and are still interested, please use this Google Form to apply.