Welcome to Agriberry Farm’s Hiring Page!

We appreciate your interest in Team Agriberry! Listed below are the positions for which we will be hiring and a general timeline for each. If you have any questions please email work@agriberry.com. Thanks, and remember to EAT MORE BERRIES!

Farmers’ Market Leads and Market Associates

We are currently accepting applications for our 2021 Market team. 

The Farmers’ Market Lead role is a point person at a dedicated market site for Agriberry Farm. The job description for this role can be found here. This position is responsible for the loading, preparation, set-up, selling, tear down, reporting, and unloading for the same market throughout the market season. Successful completion of an entire market season at a specific location, along with high reliability and good record keeping carries a bonus based on that market’s performance. This position requires a good driving record as well as good product knowledge and sales skills. Interviews will take place in March and April for this position, training will occur in late April with markets beginning in May continuing through October, weekday and weekend positions available.

The Market Associate position is a support role at high volume markets with reduced responsibilities and more flexibility. The job description can be found here, please review before submitting your application. This position typically meets a market lead on site at the market and assists with set up, sales, share building, and tear down. Good people and sales skills are necessary, product knowledge and/or a willingness to learn about fruit is additionally necessary. Interviews will begin in March and continue through April for this role, training will be in late April with markets beginning in May and continuing through October. This is a seasonal part time position and due to the flexibility associated with it can be filled for a portion of the season.

The application for both of these roles can be found here. Any additional questions please inquire at work@agriberry.com

Field Worker/Harvester

 Currently Accepting applications for our Fall Harvest Team

This field team is currently seeking Harvesters. The job description for the Harvester can be found here, please review it completely before starting your application! This position starts at $13.50/hr for a 2 week training wage, upon successful completion with satisfactory reliability, timeliness, productivity, and teamwork elevated to $15/hr.  We are seeking anyone with a passion for local agriculture and a desire to engage in a rewarding outdoor job experience on a diverse team so if you think you’d like a work experience surrounded by passionate people and verdant plants we welcome your application! We have full time roles available, as well as part time positions working morning (8-Noon) or afternoon (12:30-4:30) shifts. 

We are currently accepting applications to start immediately. Additional questions can be sent to work@agriberry.com.

To apply for the Harvester Position follow this link and fill out the corresponding application for full time (32-40 hours) or part time (16-32 hours).