Field Associate Job Description

Reports To: Harvest Supervisor & Personnel Manager                                Team Size: 25-35

Pay Range: $15.81-$16  (Non-Exempt, Seasonal, Part or Full Time)

Primary Function: The Field Associate role is available to individuals with little to no previous work experience but can extend to experienced agricultural employees with a focus on production. This role’s production output is a vital component to its success and we believe a good “can do” attitude can elevate initial workers to meet this high bar with training. This is a predominantly physical/manual labor position. Field Workers will manually plant, cultivate, harvest, pack, and maintain crops under the instruction of the Harvest Supervisor. In the spring (Feb-April) the position will consist predominantly of plant care and maintenance. In summer (May-August) and fall (Sept-Nov) the position will primarily involve harvesting fruit in an efficient, safe, and quality-oriented manner, with some plant care duties and other jobs as needed. 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  1.  Harvest berries in a safe, efficient manner, ensuring productivity and quality goals are met or exceeded, focusing on the following traits: 
  • Thoroughness
  • Quality
  • Speed
  1. Appropriately mark their work or finished product with their worker ID, as directed.
  2. Pack and load harvested products. This can include aiding the Operations Manager at the harvest station upon direction, as well as the delicate game of “berry Tetris” associated with clamshell and special unit packaging. 
  3. Understand and adhere to all food safety practices and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in daily work and satisfy all related training requirements, as required by supervisory staff.
  4. Care for plants as instructed and assigned, including pruning, pest scouting, weeding, tying, thinning and tucking plants.
  5. Safely and responsibly use any hand tools provided by Agriberry Farm, such as trowels, hoes, pruning shears, and loppers, and return them in good condition at the end of each assignment. Utilizes best practices based on instruction from supervisor(s). 
  6. Assist in opening and closing duties of the field (box prep, jam bucket processing, etc) upon instruction. 
  7. Occasionally help Warehouse staff with packing fruit in the warehouse. 
  8. Assist in planting, preparing ground and plastic, establishing trellis and new plantings. 
  9. Help upkeep harvest supply station upon direction or request
  10. Assist or perform fruit runs bringing fruit to the cooler from the field and with data entry upon instruction 
  11. Provide collaborative feedback to teammates to help elevate the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the team 
  12. Other duties as assigned