What’s in Your Pantry?

Agriberry Farm now offers a wide variety of items made from it’s fruit, such as fruit jam, applesauce, vinegars, dried fruit, fruit leathers and more.

In 2012, Agriberry Farm was awarded a USDA grant to help develop “Value-Added” products, such as fruit jam.  (“Value-added” means products use the farm’s fruit in other ways than as just fresh fruit sold at markets.) This multi-year grant enabled the Geyers to hire local workers and explore a variety of fruit preservation, processing and marketing opportunities.

We hope you will think of Agriberry Farm for your family’s enjoyment and when it is time for you to make gift selections throughout the year! Here are some current favorite offerings:

Beautiful berries and minimal processing makes our Strawberry Preserves our best seller!

It starts with beautiful berries!

~Hand-Crafted Fruit Jam:

Regular and Seedless versions of our Blackberry, Red Raspberry, Royalty Raspberry (a richly flavored purple raspberry) and “Agriblend” (a delicious combination of blackberries and red raspberries), plus Strawberry, Royalty Lavender, Raspberry Heat (Red Raspberry made with jalapeño peppers and diced fresh ginger). There’s more than a half-pint of fruit in each jar of our jam, and far less sugar than most conventionally made jams.

Many customers have asked us for no-sugar jam options, and we continue to explore various recipes, but have yet to find a recipe that meets our standards for flavor, texture, shelf-stability and appearance, but your suggestions are always welcomed!

raspberry vinegar~Gourmet Berry Vinegars, currently with Raspberry or Blackberry





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Just crazy good!

~Raspberry Blush Applesauce

(no sweeteners or other additives!) from mountain-grown Honey Crisp apples, plus a whole-berry raspberry puree for extra flavor and nutrients!

~Dried Apple Snack Slices, fruit leathers, fruit crisps, and more to come!