A Share plus extras


Agriberry Farm offers a fresh approach

for Richmond-area fruit lovers!

The 6-Week 2022 Fall Farm Share Program is open for pre-registration.

Richmond’s only Fruit Farm Share program is offered by Agriberry Farm of Hanover. Farm members receive weekly shares containing seasonally available fruit grown by Agriberry Farm or area Partner Farms. The fruit included in the Farm Share is determined weekly, based on harvest conditions and regional availability. Also known as a “CSA” or community supported agriculture program, your weekly Fruit Share is a way to pre-purchase a share of the upcoming harvest of fresh, seasonal fruit directly from the farm.

Reserving a weekly Fruit Share box means your fridge will be stocked weekly with seasonal, fresh fruits, including lots of berries–the most delicious, nutritious food you can eat. Choosing this weekly Farm Share Box gives you an edge on healthy eating, boosting your nutrition intake and overall health.

Click here to learn more about the fruit that has been included in past years. There’s more information below about what packing “units” are typically used for each type of fruit in the weekly shares.

A Few Great Benefits of Becoming a Farm Member

  • Discounts on Additional Purchases-Members enjoy a Member Discount of up to 20% off of the purchase of additional fruit and other goodies from Agriberry Farm, from the time they join until December 31, 2022 (Note: Discount percentage may be reduced for special sale items at the farmer’s discretion)
  • First and Best of the Best-We try to ensure that our Fruit Share members receive first crack at the finest fruit we have available throughout the season.
  • Fast Track-Your shares will be ready for quick pickup upon your arrival, and we will hold your share for you until the end of the market.

A Special Note to Returning Members!

A Member Discount code for use during the 2022 calendar year will be emailed to members by email along with a 2022 Summer Farm Share Guide book which will be packed full of information need to make sure the 2022 Season runs smoothly. As always, be sure to let us know if you need any assistance along the way via csa@agriberry.com.

A Share plus extras

2022 Fall Share Options and Pricing

Weekly Share deliveries starts the week of September 20-22nd

and will end the week of October 25-27th.

Current dietary recommendations encourage adults to eat 1.5 to 2 cups of fruit per day, and signing up for a Single, Double or Triple Share will go a long way toward helping you and your family meet that goal for healthy eating.

  • Single Share (4 units): $140, great for singles or couples
  • Double Share (8 units): $260, perfect for small families with enthusiastic fruit eaters
  • Triple Share (12 units): $385, ideal for larger families and those who love sharing bounty with others

2022 Share Pickup Locations


  • Agriberry Farm, Tuesday, 10-4pm, 6289 River Road, Hanover, VA 23069
  • Birdhouse Farmer’s Market, Tuesday, 3-6:30pm, 1507 Grayland Ave. Richmond, VA 23220
  • Atlee Square Farm Stand, Tuesday, 3:30-6:30pm. 9159 Atlee Rd., Mechanicsville, VA 23116


  • Lakeside Farmer’s Market, Wednesday, 9am-2pm, 6110 Lakeside Ave., Henrico, CA 23228
  • Caboose Market & Café Pickup Site, Wednesday, 2:30-6:30pm, 108 S. Railroad Ave., Ashland, VA 23005
  • St. Stephen’s Episcopal Farm Stand, Wednesday, 2:30-6:30pm, 6000 Grove Ave., Richmond, VA 23226
  • Mechanicsville at Lee Davis Pharmacy, 2:00-5:30pm, 7016 Lee Park Road suit 400, Mechanicsville, VA 23111 NEW Location Update


  • Huguenot-Robious Farmers Market at Great Big Greenhouse, 10am-2pm, 2015 Huguenot Rd., Richmond, VA 23235
  • Strange’s Florist, 3-6:30pm, 12111 W. Broad St., Henrico, VA 23233
  • Forest Hill Presbyterian Farm Stand, Wednesday, 3:30-6:30pm, 4401 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, VA 23225


Favorite Fall Farm Share Items and more information on what a ‘unit’ is…

Weekly shares for the Fall Season CSA will feature four, eight or twelve “units” of fruit pending size of the share.  During our 6-week Fall CSA, below is a list of some frequently-included items and the typical unit size in which these items have been offered in the past. (The items included in the weekly shares are determined based on current harvest availability and this list should not be considered to be a guarantee of any particular item or unit size.)

These items have appeared in shares from previous seasons and are listed in order of appearance. Our ability to include them each year depends on prevailing harvest conditions and depending on harvest conditions you may be able to swap for more of your favorites in your share:

  • Raspberries – 1/2 pint container
  • Plums – pint or quart container, depending on variety
  • Pears – a quart or 2-2.5lbs of fruit, usually 4-6 pieces depending on size
  • Apples – a quart or 2-2.5lbs of fruit, usually 4-6 pieces depending on size
  • Concord grapes – 1 quart container
  • Muscadine grapes – 1 pint container
  • Apple Cider – 1/2 gallon jug
  • Kiwi Berries – 1 pint container

How to Join the Agriberry Farm Fruit Share Program

Registering for your Fruit Share Program takes less than five minutes, then another few moments to customize your profile.  To create your membership, click here and:

  1. Select a Season (Fall 2022)
  2. Select a share type (Standard, 4-units; Double, 8-units; or Triple, 12-units), then
  3. Select a pickup location (see list above), then
  4. Enter your contact information and information for anyone else who will participate in the membership (members can be added or removed at any time during the season), then
  5. Select your payment option. You can pay in full when you join or you can pay by payment plan if noted via CSAware upon sign-up. Or, you can choose the “Pay by Check” option, and you can send us a check.

Note: If you’re joining a season that’s already in progress, your share will be pro-rated based on the remaining delivery weeks of the season, and please be sure to sign up by Sunday night, so you’ll be included in the following delivery week.

If you need any assistance during the registration process, please contact us at csa@agriberry.com.


RVA Vacations and Make-Ups

Have a vacation planned? Need to change your pick up location for the week? No problem. You can easily use the CSAWare system to re-schedule your share or change your pick-pick up location to accommodate your busy life, but you are responsible for scheduling that vacation in advance in the share administration system.

It is part of your commitment as a Farm Share Member that you are responsible for picking up your share each week (or making arrangements for someone else to do so on your behalf) and that you are responsible for notifying Agriberry Farm IN ADVANCE if you will not be able to make your pickup. With that said, we understand just how hectic life can be. If you find yourself in a bind and are about to miss your pickup, you can reach out (csa@agribery.com) to us for assistance, and we will try to help you receive a make-up.

Important:  Providing Agriberry Farm with notice that you need to reschedule your pickup before the week’s shares are planned is essential to making our program successful. 


Please reach out via email to csa@agriberry.com by Friday 10am of the current missed week.  All makeups will need to be picked up from our Saturday Farm Store in Hanover, VA (6289 River Road, 23069) between 10am – 4pm.

Customized Shares

A standard share will be planned for each week, but you’ll have the opportunity to customize your share depending on what’s available from the farm.  The customization window if from Friday afternoon to 7pm Monday.   

Purchasing Additional Items

Want to order additional items to be included with your share at pickup?  With just a few clicks, you can add a credit or debit card (securely) on file in the CSAware system, which will allow you to pre-purchase extra items which will be reserved and ready for you along with your share each week, making your pickups fast and easy! That means you won’t need to worry about sell-out of your preferred items.

Gifting a Farm Share Membership

Want to give a gift of healthy eating, maybe for a young family or college student? Most items in the share boxes need little to no additional preparation in order to be enjoyed. We are HAPPY to help you create a gift membership. Please fill out this Google Form or contact us at csa@agriberry.com for assistance in setting up this special gift.

Seeking a more affordable option? Agriberry Farm also offers Weekly Gift Shares, which can be redeemed for a single weekly share during our delivery season.  Agriberry Farm also offers a variety of Gift Cards, which can be used to shop at our markets, or even as a payment toward a Farm Share. Email us at csa@agriberry.com for more information.