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Standard CSA Share

Reserve Richmond’s Only Summer Fruit Farm Share from the Agriberry Farm CSA!


The 2019 Season marks the 10-Year Anniversary of Agriberry Farm’s Summer Fruit CSA, and we’re celebrating with a fresh new approach to providing your weekly Share Boxes through our Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA.)

Reserving a 2019 weekly Share Box from Agriberry Farm means your fridge will be stocked for 20 weeks with seasonal, fresh fruits, including berries, the most delicious, nutritious food you can eat. This gives you the edge on healthy eating, boosting your nutrition intake and overall health. No matter what the latest diet trend might be, fresh fruit is always on the menu!

This season, we’re exploring an innovative new system called “HARVIE from the folks at Small Farm Central that will enable you to set your preferences and customize what you receive in your share each week.

2019 CSA members will receive a 4-, 8- or 12-unit Share Box each week for 20 weeks, beginning in late April or early May (depending on the strawberry harvest), running into September.

*What’s a “CSA” Anyway?

“CSA” stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” and is a common way to refer to a pre-paid farm membership program. Learn more about the CSA and the farm, and how the two work together for a stronger community.

How to Join the Agriberry Farm Fruit CSA

Registering for the Richmond Fruit CSA takes less than five minutes. Agriberry Farm uses a registration system called HARVIE. This system helps us keep track of your payments and prepare our weekly pickup lists. To create your membership, you’ll go to our profile in the HARVIE system and:

  1. select a share type (Standard, Double or Triple), then
  2. select a pickup location, then
  3. provide your contact information plus contact information for anyone who will participate in the membership with you. (Members can be added or removed at any time during the season), then
  4. select your payment option. You can pay in full at the time you join or you can pay a 25% deposit, another 25% before the start of the season, and the remainder during the season. You may pay by check, cash, and credit or debit cards.

If you need any assistance during the registration process, please contact us at csa@agriberry.com.

What’s New in the 2019 Summer Fruit CSA?


Not a fan of rhubarb? Want all strawberries? This season you’ll be able to set your preferences for what fruits appeal to you most from what’s available each week. If you sign up by Sunday night, you can be part of the coming delivery week.

A frequent request from members of previous seasons is the desire to customize their boxes each week. This season we’re using a new, interactive customer support system called HARVIE, which will enable you to customize what’s in your share box each week, depending on what’s available from the farm and the preference information you provide. The HARVIE system will recommend a share box that’s designed just for you each week, and you’ll have the opportunity to pre-view and further adjust your weekly share, if desired.


Share Boxes for the 2019 season will be based on a four “unit” share, and you can increase your savings by purchasing an 8- or even a 12-unit share. As in years past, the size of the “unit” for each fruit will vary, depending on the type of fruit and the point in the harvest season, and the unit size will be clearly identified for you each week.

For example, red raspberries are typically harvested into 1/2-pint containers, cherries might be packed into pint containers, and units of apples, peaches and pears may be based on a specific number of fruit. But rest assured, the units will be defined for you each week.


Want to order additional items to be included with your share at pickup? With just a few clicks, we’ll put those items in your box and complete your purchase, which means your pickups will be faster and easier than ever, especially if someone else will be picking up for you, and you won’t need to rush to reach your pickup location to get there before we sell out of your preferred items.


While the pre-season payments are a tremendous support for the farm during the non-harvest months, we understand that not everyone can pay in full in advance. Choose the Payment Plan option at checkout, and your card will be charged automatically each time your share is delivered, keeping it simple and easy for you!

What Won’t Change in 2019? Personalized Customer Service!

Despite this fancy new system, you can count ons us to help with any questions or concerns!


Have a vacation planned? Need to change your pick up location for the week? No problem. You can easily re-schedule your box or change pick-pick up locations to accommodate your busy life.


Your Share Box will be filled with nature’s “fast food” each week, and almost everything you’ll receive can be eaten just as you receive it. But sometimes you may want recipe suggestions, cooking tips, storage, and food preservation resources and we will work with the HARVIE folks to help ensure you have the information you need.

Raves about the HARVIE system from members of other CSAs:

“I liked the idea of being able to see and edit my baskets contents before pick up day.”–HARVIE User

“Harvie lets me tweak my share so food doesn’t go to waste.”–HARVIE User

Gifting a CSA Membership

Want to give a gift of healthy eating for 20 weeks? We are HAPPY to help you create a gift membership. Please contact us at csa@agriberry.com for assistance setting up your special gift.

Seeking a more affordable option? Agriberry Farm offers Weekly Gift Shares, which can be redeemed for a single weekly share during our CSA delivery season.  Agriberry Farm also offers a variety of Gift Cards, which can be used to shop at our markets, or even as a payment on a CSA membership. Email us at csa@agriberry.com for more information.