An early Spring share for the Richmond Fruit CSA!

How to Join the Agriberry Farm Fruit CSA

Registering for your weekly box from the Richmond Fruit CSA is easy. It takes less than five minutes to complete! To create your membership, you’ll just need to:

  1. select a share type, then
  2. select a pickup location, then
  3. provide contact information about yourself and anyone else who will participate in your membership. (Members can be added or removed at any time during the season),
  4. Then you’ll select your payment option, choosing between invoicing if you’d like to send us a check, or a PayPal-powered interface for using your credit or debit cards.

Installment payment plans are not available via our registration system, but please email us if you need additional assistance figuring how to fit this purchase into your budget. Agriberry Farm uses the “Member Assembler” registration system, built by Small Farm Central. This secure system helps us keep track of your payments and prepare our weekly pickup lists.

Richmond Fruit CSA Costs

minimum deposit of $100 is required to join, and ALL BALANCES must be paid by the first pickup of the season. You may pay by check, cash, and credit or debit cards. First-time members of the Richmond Fruit CSA receive a $15 New Member Discount (applied at checkout.) If you pay in full when you join, you’ll receive an additional 2.5% Full Payment discount. Additional details are provided in our registration system.

If you join after the weekly Fruit CSA has begun, fees are pro-rated based on the remaining number of weeks (applied at checkout.)

Full Share Membership

If you join during our Pre-Registration Discount period from now through April 16, 2018, the Full Share costs $570. After April 16 the cost for a Full Share of the CSA is $600 for the 20 weeks. The type and total amount of fruit will vary each week, but shares are based on approximately six “units” of freshly harvested spring and summer fruit. Two to four of these weekly units most likely will be berries.

If one share per week isn’t enough for you and your family, then additional discounts are available if you purchase Double or Triple Shares. (Look for details on our registration system.)

Half Share Membership

The Richmond Fruit CSA Half Share, which typically includes three units per week, most likely two units of berries, plus one other unit of seasonal fruit for $305. After April 16 the cost for a Half Share is $320.

Richmond Fruit CSA

Richmond’s Fruit CSA is only available from Agriberry Farm in Hanover, Virginia. This farm membership program is a type of “community supported agriculture” program or “CSA.” Farm members receive weekly shares of seasonal fruit. The shares are pre-made based on harvest availability. The Richmond Fruit CSA

  • Spans 20 weeks–nearly five full months!
  • Begins with the start of the strawberry harvest. (Strawberries typically ripen in central Virginia in late April or early May.)
  • Provides weekly shares of nutritious, field-grown berries, plus other seasonal fruits grown by long-time partner farmers.

Want more details? The next step is to take a peek at our list of “Frequently Asked Questions” regarding the Richmond Fruit CSA. Still have questions? Just email us at, which is always the fastest way to connect with us.

Richmond Fruit CSA Pickup Locations

The Richmond Fruit CSA offers a variety of pickup locations on different days and times. Some pickup locations are part of larger Farmers Markets, and some are at our solo Farm Stands. The Ashland pickup, which is hosted by Caboose Wine & Cheese, is an unstaffed “Pick-Up Only” location at which we drop off member shares and additional pre-paid orders.

Agriberry Farm is always considering new weekday opportunities. Have a spot you’d like to recommend? Please email your suggestions to

Farm Pickup

On Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, you can pick up your share at the farm, located at 6289 River Road, Hanover, VA 23069, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. or by special arrangement.


  • Birdhouse Farmer’s Market, 3-6:30pm, Randolph Community Center/Downtown/VCU area, 1507 Grayland Ave., Richmond, VA 23220
  • Atlee/301 Farm Stand, 3:30-6:30pm, Atlee Square Shopping Center, 9159 Atlee Rd., Mechanicsville, VA 23116 (just north of 295 behind Popeye’s)


  • Lakeside Farmers’ Market10am-2pm, 6110 Lakeside Ave., Henrico, VA 23228
  • Ashland Pickups at The Caboose Market & Cafe, 2:30-6:30pm, 108 S. Railroad Ave., Ashland, VA 23005 (no market)
  • TENTATIVE NEW CHESTERFIELD FARM STAND LOCATION at the Summer Lake Community Center, 3:30-6pm, 17040 Lake Summer Drive, Moseley, VA, 23120. E-mail us to be added to the waiting list for this great new location!
  • Forest Hill Farm Stand, 3:30-6pm, Forest Hill Presbyterian Church, 4401 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, VA 23225
  • Mechanicsville Farm Stand, 3:30-6pm, at the Tucker Franklin Insurance Group, 6407 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Mechanicsville, VA 23111, with the big round sign, just east of Lowes.


RVA Vacations & Make-Ups

We love our members, and we try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. We understand just how hectic life can be! With a little pre-planning and communication, we can make almost anything work–including extensive travel schedules. We try our best to ensure that members receive all the fruit they pay for each season! To help, the Member Portal option of our Member Assembler system allows you to make those changes for yourself, if desired. Here are some additional strategies that help our members:

  • Switching Pick Up Days: You may pick up at a different location or on a different day of the week.
  • Double Shares: You can receive a makeup share during another week of the Richmond Fruit CSA, either before or after your travel. There are no limits on the number of make-up shares you can receive during a season.
  • Make-Up Week: We offer a “Make-Up Week” (AKA “Week 21 of 20”) immediately after the last week of the season, so you can reschedule a share to that week instead of having to take a double share.
  • Having A Backup Plan:  Plan ahead and have a friend or two ion call who might be able to pick up your share in a pinch. (But they just might eat a little!)
  • Donating Your Share: We are happy to help pass your share along to the family of one of our Young Workers, or other deserving area family.

Important Note:  Providing Agriberry Farm with notice of your vacation at least a week before your pickup is SO HELPFUL! That said, if our members miss a pickup and REACH OUT PROMPTLY FOR HELP via text or e-mail, we do our best to help them.  We don’t want anyone to miss out on the wonderful fruit they have already purchased!

Weekly Member Emails and Reminders

Richmond Fruit CSA members receive emails at the beginning of each delivery week. These emails include details about that week’s share and tips to help ensure you enjoy you fruit to the fullest. The emails also provide updates from the fields, member specials, and more. You’ll also receive automated pickup reminders the night before each pickup.

A Few More Great Benefits of the Richmond Fruit CSA

  • Discounts on Additional Purchases-Members enjoy a 20% Member Discount off of the purchase of additional fruit and other goodies from Agriberry Farm, which begins at the time they join until December 31, 2018.
  • Best of the Best-We try to ensure that our Fruit CSA members receive the finest fruit we have available throughout the season.
  • First Crack-Whenever possible we try to provide our members with the first taste of whatever is new at market each week.
  • Fast Track-Your shares will be ready and waiting for your arrival, and we will hold your share for you until the end of the market.

Gifting a CSA Membership

Want to give a gift of healthy eating for 20 weeks? We are HAPPY to help you create a gift membership. Please contact us at for assistance setting up your special gift.

Seeking a less extravagant option? Agriberry Farm offers Weekly Gift Shares, which can be redeemed for a single weekly share during our CSA delivery season.  Agriberry Farm also offers a variety of Gift Cards, which can be used to shop at our markets, or even as a payment on a CSA membership.