Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Agriberry Farm’s CSAs.

How do I join the CSA?

Visit Agriberry’s CSAware online store to purchase your shares. You have the option to pay in full or pay per week, with easy double & triple share options. Email for support or questions. 

Why should I join the CSA?

Here are some of the top reasons for supporting the farm, cited by Agriberry Farm CSA members from previous years:

  • Consistency and quality of the fruit
  • Variety of fruit, including hard-to-find and heirloom varieties not available elsewhere
  • Belief in the value of family farming in their community
  • Nutrition and health reasons
  • Creating a consistent routine for attending a farmers market
  • Support for the farm’s team of seasonal and year-round workers

Want to know about some of the additional benefits of the CSA program for members, the farm and the community?

What is included in a weekly share?

Weekly shares for the Full Season CSA and Peak Season CSA will feature four “units” of fruit. For the duration of each CSA, the type of fruit changes weekly depending on what’s in season, but the unit sizes generally stay the same, with as much variety as the growing season and local availability can provide. The fruit typically included throughout the season may include the following, roughly in order of appearance:

  • Several varieties of strawberries (1-pound containers)
  • Several varieties of blueberries (1-pint container)
  • Several varieties of raspberries (1/2-pint container)
  • Several varieties of cherries (1-pint container)
  • Several varieties of blackberries (1-pint container)
  • Apricots (if we’re lucky) (1-pint container)
  • Several varieties of Japanese-type plums (a pint or quart container, depending on variety)
  • Several varieties of peaches, including white peaches, yellow peaches and “donut” peaches (a quart or 2-2.5lbs of fruit, usually 4-6 pieces depending on size)
  • Several varieties of nectarines, including white nectarines and yellow nectarines (a quart or 2-2.5lbs of fruit, usually 4-6 pieces depending on size)
  • Sugar Cube cantaloupes (1-3 fruits, depending on size)
  • Several varieties of pears (a quart or 2-2.5lbs of fruit, usually 4-6 pieces depending on size)
  • Several varieties of apples (a quart or 2-2.5lbs of fruit, usually 4-6 pieces depending on size)
  • Several varieties of European-type plums (a pint or quart container, depending on variety)
  • Concord grapes (1-quart container)
  • Muscadine grapes (1-pint container)
  • Anything else we discover along the way that’s delicious!

During the first few weeks of the CSA, when strawberries are the only fruit available, we will include some early season asparagus in your shares.

What are your make-up, vacation, and cancellation policies?

Makeups: If you miss a share due to an emergency or forgetfulness, you have three options:
1. Future week pick-up: Move the missed share fulfillment to a future week on your CSAware Member Page.
2. Saturday pick-up: Email by 10 am on Friday to arrange for Saturday pick-up at Agriberry Farm, 6289 River Rd, Hanover, VA 23069
3. Donate your share: Email within 24 hours of missing your share & let us know you wish to donate it. We will manage the donation to RVA Community Fridges, Food Not Bombs, or one of the many food pantries with which we partner.

Vacations: Vacations often lead to the necessity to skip or reschedule shares. When you know how your vacation plans will affect picking up your shares, you can move the share fulfillment you will miss to a future week on your CSAware Member Page.

Cancellations: Life happens! If you need to cancel your whole share, please contact to arrange for a refund pro-rated for the amount of shares you did not receive.

A few more great questions!

How do I switch my pick-up location?

If you need to switch your pick-up location, please email with your first & last name, your current location, the location to which you want to switch, and the date you want the switch to take effect. You will receive a confirmation response once your location has been changed. 


May I join once the season has started?
Absolutely! Once the season has begun, we add members as space permits, and costs are pro-rated based on the number of remaining weeks.
Can I split a share with another family?
Sure! If you wish to team up for a share, we ask that you designate a “primary” member–usually the one that initiates the registration–under who’s name the share will be listed for pickup. The details and logistics for splitting your share (alternating weeks, dividing each week, etc.) are up to you!