Field Operations Manager Job Description

Job Description               

Job Title: Field Operations Manager Department:  Field

Reports To: Harvest Supervisor Supervised Staff Size: 4-35

Status & Salary: $17-$22/Hr Annual Full Time ($34-44k Base Salary equivalent), Non-exempt     Benefits: Health Care Contribution, Matching IRA Retirement, PTO, Bonus Incentives     

Seasonality and Hours: June – October 40-50/wk, November – April 28-35/wk. Begins May 2024
Work Week: Monday – Friday, some Saturdays   

Primary Function: The Field Operations Manager is a field leadership role focused on materials and quality control, especially during the harvest season. This position will assist in preparation of and handling of all fruit from field to cooler, maximizing shelf life and quality. Food safety and record management are an integral aspect of this position.   

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Prepares, assists, or coordinates the daily preparation of all necessary materials for the field crew. This includes managing special unit materials prep and follow through. 
  2. Leads all aspects of field and cooler quality control, including regular monitoring and feedback at the quality control station. This position should be the primary berry handler from field to cooler, maintaining quality and maximizing shelf life with regular trips. 
  3. Assists Harvest Supervisor in management of the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program, including completing required paperwork. This position supports GAP practice implementation and record keeping, leading through example as well as directing employees on food safety practices.
  4. Participates in harvesting and plant care when core duties don’t need active attention.  
  5. Attends and participates in field team meetings on a regular basis. 
  6. Collaborates with Harvest Supervisor and Field Personnel Manager on team cohesion, effectiveness in harvesting, quality control, and productivity.  
  7. Assists in the completion and maintenance of all records and documents related to production, quality control, productivity and harvesting records. 
  8. Ensures bathroom facilities, food safe break areas, water, and general food safety and wellness materials for the harvest team during season are readily available. 
  9. Communicates regularly about updates in field records and daily yields to immediate supervisor at scheduled breaks.
  10. Coordinates the completion of daily jam fruit processing and bucket cleaning. 
  11. Supports Harvest Supervisor in managing material inventories such as buckets, pints, flats, etc. 
  12. Shares responsibility with Harvest Supervisor for Integrated Pest Management, and pest control best practice recommendations. This is done through GAP scouting, instances of note regarding field health or food safety should be reported to Field Supervisor or Farm Production manager. 
  13. Can be responsible for managing a small (4-12) field crew independently from primary work crew with close communication with Field Supervisor on performance, yields, records, and progress. 
  14. Performs other duties as assigned.

Desired Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 

  • Demonstrated passion for local farming or the agriculture industry, with an understanding of Agriberry’s core values and mission.
  • Demonstrated ability to operate safely in the workplace, with experience in holding peers and direct reports accountable to safety standards.
  • Effective leadership, communication skills and motivational skills, with an understanding of how to build good working relationships with employees, supervisors and peers.
  • Effective problem solving and project management skills.
  • Prior experience in working with or managing outdoor manual labor.
  • Good comprehension, with the ability to understand information presented through verbal communication.
  • Good attention to detail, with an ability to plan, prioritize, and meet deadlines in a fast paced environment.
  • Ability to work autonomously and understand when a superior needs to be involved in decision-making.
  • Good decision-making skills, with the ability to analyze information, evaluate results, and implement the best solution to solve problems or challenges.
  • Ability to effectively manage fragile, heavy fruit loads in transport vehicles.

Professional Requirements:

  • High school degree or equivalent 
  • One or more years of experience in the farming or agriculture field, preferably in a supervisory role
  • Valid VA Driver’s License
  • Ability to successfully pass a background check and other pre-employment screening.
  • Fluency in work-related Spanish
  • Prior experience with, and the ability to, effectively manage youth workers preferred.  

Physical Requirements: 

  • Able to tolerate extreme temperatures.
  • Able to lift and carry items up 50 lbs
  • Good physical dexterity and eyesight.
  • Able to stand or sit for long periods of time.
  • Able to bend, kneel, stretch, squat, and climb.