Agriblend: Half Blackberry and Half Raspberry, All Delicious!

Those fabulous berries missing from your market basket?

Don’t fret!  You can recapture those great flavors with our hand-crafted, fruit-packed jams. Each jar is made in small batches in our Agriberry Farm Kitchen, and crafted with care, using only our own carefully selected fruit. In fact, we use only the very ripest, most flavorful fruit in (typically too soft to bring to market) our jams–so delicious!

In addition, we use only pure cane sugar–which we keep to a minimum–so the fruit flavor really shines through!

Jam Thumbprints

Classic Jam Thumbprints

Did you know?

Jams aren’t just for breakfast anymore! You can:

  • Add some to smoothies for an intense pop of sweetness and flavor;
  • Top off your favorite granola, oatmeal or yogurt;
  • warm it slightly in the microwave and use it as a syrup for pancakes and waffles or an ice cream topping;
  • whip up a batch of old fashioned jam thumbprint cookies;
  • blend it with cream cheese for a delicious spread for bagels or muffins; or
  • stir a spoon-full or two of our seedless jams into your next cup of tea for a delicious berry flavor and sweetener, all in one!

What are your great jam secrets?  We’d love to know!


Everyone is Entitled: Royalty Jam–It’s that good!