It Sounded Great!

The experimental trellis system we first installed in 2011 was designed to optimize the ability of the canes to catch the catch the sun,  from a down position in the early spring to a fully up position during the picking season. When the system is down all the flowers will grow up towards the sun and thus be on the same side of the trellis. After the flowers start turning turning into berries, the trellis is turned up, shading the berries and making it easier to pick them as they are all on one side.

This idea sounded so brilliant that we couldn’t wait to give it a try on a few rows in our Grainfield (original) plantings.  What we didn’t factor in were the in impact of hurricane winds and the intense weight of the blackberry canes on what turned out to be ultimately less sturdy mechanisms.  We have since gone back to basics: A deeply sunk central metal bar with incremental horizontal “t” bars, from which we run wire guide lines.  We make our own, and fix ’em when they break.