Dried, sliced apples make delicious, nutritious snacks.  We have been using one of the table-mounted hand cranked apple peeler/corer/slicers with good results–nice slices on uniform thickness–and a mandolin slicer works great, too. You can decide whether you prefer to leave the skins on, or take them off.

The most important factor is the apple itself: choose a firm, meaty textured apple, with LOTS of flavor and at least a little tang, because the sweetness will intensify as the apple dehydrates.  Our favorite variety is Goldrush, but Pink Lady apples and Granny Smith apples will also work well.

We place the slices on the dehydrator trays at a low heat for 12 hours.  The variety we like the best is called Gold Rush, a wonderfully firm, tart/sweet apple.  We think the denser-fleshed apples make better dried slices because there’s less extra moisture.