Key Benefits….

for Farm Members

Agriberry Farm CSA members receive convenient, pre-packed weekly share-boxes of the best fruit available in this region. Here are a few more great things about being a member of Agriberry Farm:

  • Trying new fruits or unusual varieties you may not have tried before.
  • Having a ready supply of “Nature’s Fast Food” throughout the season.
  • Receiving weekly member e-mails about your share, including the tips, recipes and everything you need to enjoy every bite.
  • Getting to know the farm family and other team members.
  • Learning more about seasonal eating.
  • Building a weekly routine of attending a farmers market.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding about farming and the conditions affecting farms in your area.
  • Receiving a 20% Member Discount on additional Agriberry Farm purchases from when you join until the end of that calendar year.
  • Knowing your fruit is pre-purchased, so it won’t sell out before you get to the market, and
  • Sleeping just a little better, because you know where your food comes from.

for the Farm

As growers of perennials, Agriberry Farm has plenty of year-round work to care for the plants and trees. Member fees pay for off-season activities such as pruning and new plantings, trellising and irrigation system extensions.

The other “magic” the CSA provides is creating weekday demand for our highly perishable daily berry harvests.

Finally, and most importantly, member fees go directly to support the farm mission of the farm’s Young Worker Program, which hires local youth to hand-harvest the blackberries and raspberries at Agriberry Farm each season

for the Community

The CSA is the glue that binds us together and makes everything stronger: the farm, the members, the workers (future consumers and maybe even future farmers,) the markets, and other local farms–we all get lifted up together, thanks to your investment in the farm and healthy, local eating.

Your support makes it possible for Agriberry Farm to “pay it forward,” investing in youth, education, and our evolving local food networks.