Get to Know the Region’s Only Local Fruit CSA

Weekly Shares

Agriberry Farm CSA members receive pre-made shares based on six “units” of freshly harvested fruit, of which two to four units per weekly share will be berries.  Some CSA regions offer Half Shares, which include two berry units, plus a unit of other seasonal fruit. The majority of our members report that over the season the amount of fruit is “just right.”

Unit sizes vary depending on the type of fruit being measured. For instance, a unit of strawberries is a quart, blackberries are measured in pints, and other fruits might be measured by volume (a half-peck) or the piece count, or by weight. As confusing as that sounds, the result is clear: a lovely box of fruit that’s perfect for a family to consume in a week.  Half Shares are great for singles or couples. Need more of a particular item? Members can always get extras with their 20% discount.

Risks and Rewards

The Geyers are experienced, professional farmers, but regional weather patterns and other growing conditions directly affect–both positively and negatively–the quality and availability of the fruit available each season. It’s critical that farm members understand and have tolerance for this potential variability, and that a CSA membership is not a guaranteed pre-purchase of a specific amount of fruit. This shared risk and reward is the foundation of the farmer-consumer relationship.

Seasonal Eating

A related aspect of CSA membership is learning to embrace seasonal eating: When some fruits are at their harvest peak, you may see it in your share for several weeks in a row, presenting the opportunity for freezing or otherwise preserving any excess bounty, while other fruits may only be available briefly. Because the shares are created based on each week’s harvest conditions, we ask that our members “go with the flow” of the shares as we provide them each week.

What is a CSA, anyway?

Community Supported Agriculture programs, often known simply as “CSAs,” describe many types of pre-paid farm membership programs throughout which farmers connect directly with their local customers. The pre-payment arrangements help farmers raise vital cash before the harvest, and members become much more involved in the farms they support.

The Fall CSA

For some folks, 20 weeks of the Full Season CSA just isn’t enough!  We also offer a Fall mini-CSA, featuring our premium fall red raspberries, juicy mountain grown apples, and other fall treats.  The details of this CSA varies by CSA. Registration begins in late August.