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Other Richmond Area Contact Information

Business, Wholesale, Special Orders, Events, etc.

info@agriberry.com, 804-537-0448

Farm Employment


Richmond CSA


6289 River Road, Hanover, VA 23069


CSA, Email List, Product and Markets

Susan Noyce, Annapolis CSA Coordinator

susan@agriberry.com, 410-703-5381

Annapolis CSA, PO Box 4609, Annapolis, MD 21403

CSA and Email List

Ellen and Will Hodges, Williamsburg CSA Coordinators,

ellen@agriberry.com, 315-730-7520

Williamsburg CSA, PO Box PO Bx 2031, Williamsburg, VA 23187

Northern Neck
CSA and Email List

Rose Ransom, Northern Neck CSA Coordinator

rose@agriberry.com, 804-450-1421

Northern Neck CSA, PO Box 2, Colonial Beach, VA 22443