Season’s Eatings

Expand the tabs below for a general, monthly Fruit Harvest Schedule for the mid-Atlantic region, which will help you plan for what Agriberry Farm may bring to market each month from our fields, or from our regional Partner Farmers. Click on each month to see what’s in store, though availability varies substantially depending on weather.

“Harvest Peaks” indicate when a fruit is typically at its highest production and availability, which is usually the best time purchase, preserve and eat with abandon. If a fruit stores well (think apples and pears), we may be able to bring that fruit to market well beyond its initial harvest period.

If you are interested in a specialty item or a volume purchase, we recommend that you Contact Us at least a month ahead so we can try to meet your needs.

Harvest Season

  • Strawberries~May is Peak Season for strawberries in Central Va. We recommend having any you want to freeze put away by Memorial Day. (June and July strawberries can happen but are considered to be a “bonus.”)
  • Asparagus~Occasionally available thru Memorial Day. Heat stresses the plants and limits the ability to continue cutting in the fields.
  • Rhubarb~May is the Harvest Peak. Get it and freeze it when you can, with or without the strawberries.  You’ll be so glad you did!
  • Blueberries–May through mid-July as we follow the harvest via our Partner Farmers and our own fields.
  • Red Raspberries~Limited May harvest, occasionally appearing as early as Mother’s Day depending on prevailing temperatures.
  • Strawberries~June availability varies widely depending on May temperatures: a May heat spell will end the harvest early, but with cooler temperatures, the harvest can continue through June with good production
  • Blueberries~June is the Harvest Peak for blueberries and is a great time to buy and freeze these delicious, easy to use powerhouses.
  • Red Raspberries~June is the First Harvest Peak for red raspberries; raspberries freeze well for future use.
  • Black Raspberries~Mid-to-late June (entire harvest), limited availability and very brief season. Pre-orders STRONGLY recommended for this specialty item.
  • Royalty Raspberries~Also harvested in the last weeks of June, this dusky purple cross of a black an a red raspberry is some people’s favorite berry of the season, with a subtle earthy flavor and silky, high pectin mouthfeel. We grow it specifically for it’s dynamite jam making and baking potential, and it’s a special order item, not usually available at markets. Pre-orders STRONGLY recommended for this specialty item.
  • Cherries~June is the harvest period for all varieties of  cherries available in the Eastern growing region including Pie Cherries Sweet, and availability can be limited.  We recommend pre-orders for Pie Cherries.
  • Apricots, if available, are the an early stone fruit, typically ripening in mid-June.
  • Blackberries~mid-to-late June typically marks the harvest period for the “king” berries of our premium Early Season varieties. King berries refers to the oversized first fruits set on each plant.
  • Peaches~Limited availability of Early Season (cling) Varieties


  • Blueberries~mid-to-late July is the end of blueberries. Be sure your freezer is stocked!
  • Red Raspberries~Limited availability in July
  • Blackberries~July is the Harvest Peak for our sweetest varieties.
  • Donut Peaches~Considered by many to be their own food group, atop the pyramid of deliciousness. Available for brief intervals in July and August as successive varieties are harvested. Get ’em when you see ’em.
  • Yellow and White Peaches and Nectarines~July marks the start of “freestone” varieties. Let us know via Pre-Order when you need your big batch for canning.
  • Dessert Plums~Some varieties, including Santa Rosa may be available in July.
  • Red Raspberries~Limited availability in August, but so delicious with white or yellow peaches
  • Blackberries~August is Harvest Peak for Late Season varieties, especially Chester, the premium blackberry for baking and jam making. Be sure to Pre-Order your larger quantities for freezing or jam making.
  • Peaches and Nectarines~August is the Harvest Peak for many favorite varieties. Definitely time to do your canning and freezing.
  • Dessert Plums, European Prune Plums and Pluots~August is the Harvest Peak for Dessert (Japanese) Plums and Pluots, and mid-to-late August marks the start of availability for the meaty, freestone European varieties.
  • Asian Pears~ First varieties are harvested in mid-August, beginning availability into they Fall.
  • Pears~Bartlett varietals, including the tiny, elusive Harvest Queen pears, are harvested in August. Be ready, they go fast!
  • Apples~The first variety we offer (Galas) is harvested in mid-August.
  • Red Raspberries~September begins Fall Harvest period
  • Blackberries~Late season varieties with limited availability
  • Peaches and Nectarines~Last varieties harvested through mid-September
  • European Prune Plums~September is the Harvest Peak
  • Asian Pears~Harvest Peak
  • Pears~Multiple varieties harvested, but many need storage time prior to use
  • Apples~Great availability of many mid-season varieties
  • Grapes~Concord grapes at Harvest Peak
  • Muscadine Grapes~Harvest Peak


  • Red Raspberries~Excellent harvest conditions for premium fall berries until the until the first hard frost
  • Blackberries~very limited late season supply until the until the first hard frost
  • European Prune Plums~Limited availability
  • Asian Pears~Good potential availability from storage
  • Pears~Late season varieties harvested and storage availability
  • Apples~Harvest Peak for many fall varieties
  • Grapes~Muscadines
  • Kiwi Berries~A delicious, bite-sized cousin of the grocery-store variety

Late Fall/Winter/Early Spring

Apples~Winter storage varieties (Honeycrisp, GoldRush, Pink Lady, Fuji)



Apples~Continuing availability of our favorite Winter Storage Apples including Honeycrisp, GoldRush, Pink Lady, Fuji. Quantities of most varieties will be limited by March and April. If you’d like to inquire about seconds for making applesauce or other processing, please use our Pre-Order form.


Pretty Picture, Right?

At first glance there might not seem to be anything especially magical about the accompanying picture, featuring a mix of fresh berries. But look a little closer, and you’ll see strawberries, for which the Virginia harvest peaks in May. Blueberries, depending on harvest conditions, are typically a May and June fruit. Red Raspberries don’t hit their stride until well into late June, and Blackberries are typically considered to be a July fruit.

Thanks to some season-extending specialty varieties, we can sometimes harvest blackberries in June, enabling the occasional opportunity to snap a “Mixed Berry” picture as beautiful as this!

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