Use the form below to place a Market Pre-Order if you’d like to have something held for you at an upcoming RVA-Area market or at the farm. We will confirm your order via email.


  • PLEASE place your order by NOON THE DAY BEFORE your desired market.
  • We will hold your order until 30 minutes before the close of the market, unless you have made special arrangements for a LATE PICKUP.
  • Pre-Orders are not available at the Baltimore Farmers Market.
  • We don’t currently have a way to deliver our fresh fruit or jam to out-of-town locations.

Please order by NOON the day before your requested pickup. Thank you!

RVA Special Orders

RVA Special Orders

Be sure to specify 1) What items you want, 2) What quantity you want, 3) Where you want to pick up, and 4) The date and approximate time we should expect you.

We will reply to confirm your order, pricing and any additional details.