Find Where to Buy Fruit from Agriberry Farm

The best way to buy fruit from Agriberry Farm is to visit one of our weekly markets. We love connecting directly with our customers. During the traditional harvest season you’ll find us at many area farmer’s markets and our stand-alone farm stands, and our schedule varies by season. The traditional farmer’s market season runs from May through October, and we participate in as many markets as possible.

During the “off” season–November through March–the number of markets we attend is more limited.

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You can count on us to attend all our usual markets and farm stands every week, unless a weather-related “State of Emergency” has been declared that prevents us (and you) from traveling safely. Our Facebook page is your best resource for for last-minute updates regarding possible changes in our schedule of markets for fruit.

Have a market you’d like for Agriberry Farm to attend? Please contact us to let us know! We are always looking for new ways ways to share the Berry Love!

Fall Favorites
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Agriberry Farms is now available on Fall Line Farms & Local Roots!

If you find it difficult to visit a weekly market, check out the Fall Line Farms/Local Roots online farmers market. Celebrating 10 years, they are offering a special promotion for10 weeks of access for FREE! With deliveries every Thursday to locations across Central Virginia, Click for more information! Joining this online community gives you direct access to more than 40 of Central Virginia’s favorite farms and makers each, with no minimum purchase required.

What’s Fresh at Market Now?

If you’d like some help using and storing your fruit, check our “At Home” section for recipes, ripening tips and preservation techniques. If you’d like some great recipe ideas, check out our favorites, and you can search by ingredients or types of fruit by clicking on the list on the right hand column.

Stored properly, apples remain delicious and healthy choices long after they are harvested. Here are some of our favorite apples, available at market now:

EverCrisp Apples
EverCrisp Apples
Fuji Apples
GoldRush Apples
Honeycrisp Apples

Pantry Items Available

From the Farm Kitchen

Use our Pre-Order Form to request your favorites for market, and take advantage of our “Buy 5, Get 1 Free” special to save. You can mix and match all your favorite items.

Some items are available in special gift packaging upon request.

Traditional Fruit-Packed Jams and Preserves

  • Red Raspberry & Seedless Red Raspberry Jams are an excellent choice for English muffins, scones, blended in yogurt or stirred into in a cocktail.
  • Blackberry & Seedless Blackberry Jams are great on toast, biscuits, or stirred into oatmeal.
  • Agriblend & Seedless Agriblend Jams are Agriberry’s signature jams, made with a blend of our blackberries and raspberries, available in both traditional and seedless styles. It’s less tart than just raspberry but a bit sweeter than just blackberry–perfect for those just can’t decide.
  • Royalty Raspberry & Seedless Royalty Raspberry Jams are made from the berries of the purple Royalty Raspberry, grown by Agriberry Farm just for making jam. Royalty Raspberries are less tart than our traditional Red Raspberries with a velvety “feel” and deep, rich flavor which shines in jam.
  • Strawberry Jam is a classic, with excellent flavor because of our low-sugar recipe. It’s peanut butter jelly time!
  • Blueberry Jam is a favorite with the younger crowd due to its mild flavor. If you like a little more tartness, we recommend adding a squeeze of lemon juice in this one to compliment it’s flavor. It’s an excellent choice for warming as a topping for your pancakes or french toast.

Other Delicious Farm Specialties

  • Smoky-Sweet Apple Butter, kettle-cooked over an open fire for the perfect old-fashioned taste and silky texture
  • Spiced Pear Spread, delicious and there’s no added sweetener
  • Raspberry Blush Applesauce and Blackberry Blush Applesauce (No sweetener added and SO delicious!) containing only chunky-style apples and a full-fruit puree of our blackberries or red raspberries
  • Blackberry Cabaret Artisan Vinegar (hand-crafted wine vinegars) with a beautiful color, mellow blackberry flavor and a hint of sweetness. Great for your favorite salads, beverages and sauces

Healthy Dehydrated Fruit Snacks

  • Goldrush Apple Chip packs (seasonal), chewy style and richly flavored
Pantry items handmade in the farm kitchen

Baked Goods from Colleen

Bakery Treats

Agriberry Farm offers a variety of baked goods, including

  • Oat Bars
  • Geyer Family Shortcakes (seasonally available)
  • Fruit Crisps

Want to find out what’s available? Use our Pre-Order Form.

Want more great fruit-related baked goods? Check out some of the RVA Makers that use fruit from Agriberry Farm.

RVA Area Special Orders & Larger Quantities

Please use the form to the right to contact us AT LEAST 24 HOURS before your desired pickup. All orders for Saturday markets must be place by NOON FRIDAY. Be sure to indicate

  • what you want
  • what quantity, and
  • where you want to pick up and approximate arrival time

We will reply to confirm your order, pricing and any additional details. Please note: Not all fruit can be delivered to all markets, due to market guidelines. Want to place an order for Annapolis or the Northern Neck? Please use the Contact Us page.

RVA Special Orders