Founded in 2008, Agriberry Fruit Farm is owned and operated by the Geyer family–Anne and Chuck Geyer, and their son, Pierson. The Geyers grow fruit, including raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, muscadines and apples in Hanover, Virginia, about 30 minutes northeast of Richmond. The Geyers grow strawberries in Moseley, Virginia, south of Richmond in Chesterfield County.

The farm is open for special events during the harvest season. Join our mailing list below to learn more about these farm visit days.

The family is deeply grateful for the support of their loyal customers and the USDA grant programs that helped them start this fruit farm. In addition to participating in area farmer’s markets and working with select specialty retailers, the farm offers the only fruit-oriented CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or Weekly Fruit Box program available in the greater Richmond area and the greater Annapolis, Maryland area. Agriberry Farm proudly employs aspiring farmers and first-time workers in its Harvest Team each season.

Anne and Chuck Geyer

As career farmers, the Geyers work to protect their land, raise nutritious food, craft nourishing relationships with other farm families, and educate others about the value of agriculture.


Misty Morning Hop

As business owners, they work to support the emerging local food systems and markets, and create local job opportunities, especially for first-time workers and aspiring farmers.


Anne and Chuck Geyer

As parents, Anne and Chuck are proud to create a home and business on the land, building a legacy of opportunity for their children. In 2021, Anne and Chuck began a 5-year transition of ownership and operation to Pierson.


Community Garden Masters

As community members, the Geyers work to increase local consumption of nutritious seasonal fruit. They support a wide variety of local food programs and charitable and educational programs each year.


Transparency Promise

The Geyers operate a “full disclosure” farm, and they will happily provide information as to the source and supporting farm practices of the food they bring to market. The Geyers have experience growing all of the crops they bring to market, though over time they have developed partnerships that can increase the quality and fruit quantity depending on seasonal conditions. While the source and variety of fruit varies each season, you can learn more about and visit many of the long-time family owned and operated Partner Farms.