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Fruit Farm Share

Eat Smart and Local–Register now for your 2020 Farm Share (CSA) of local fruit! Learn more about becoming a member (RVA, the Northern Neck and Annapolis, MD) this season.

Fall Markets feature apples, pears fresh cider and field-direct raspberries

Fruit Markets and Products

Agriberry Farm wants to be your year-round source for the best seasonal fruit available! Click to find markets near you for family-grown fruit and farm-made goodies this week.

Geyer Family and Farm

Learn more about the Geyer family, the farm history and practices, and the Geyers’ efforts to increase local berry consumption and youth employment in agriculture, and more.

The Agriberry Farm Mission is to grow great berries and fruit and be a premier agriculture training facility for motivated young workers.

Top 5 Reasons for Reserving a Farm Share, According to our Members

  • Consistency and quality of the fruit
  • Variety of fruit, including hard-to-find and heirloom varieties not available elsewhere
  • Belief in the value of family farming in their community
  • Nutrition and health reasons
  • Creating a scheduled commitment for getting local food

What’s your favorite? Click to join today!

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Agriberry's General Manager Pierson G Geyer sends a portion of our bountiful 2020 Strawberry Harvest to Feed More today! Sweet, juicy 🍓 on the way to more Central Virginia families 💜

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It's a summer fruit soiree hear at the fields in Hanover, and we are bringing our sweet succulent goodness to you! Bulk berry specials available on our online store agriberrystore.com as well as our ... See more

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The holiday weekend is upon us, and with the times we are living in now, most of us are celebrating with a staycation. Agriberry is offering three 4 for $20 specials to give you the vacation feeling ... See more

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4th of July Celebrations with Agriberry include berries, peaches and cherries! Get your red, white, and blue in a delicious way with locally grown fruits - ... See more

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Okay, many of you know -
Anne and Chuck's AgriDaughter Colleen is owner of @RiverCityBakery here in RVA...
Check out her latest creation for 4th of July pre-orders ! BERRY INVITING ! ... See more