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Young Worker Training Program

Hard Work and Great Experience


Part of Agriberry Farm’s mission is to help employ area teens as summer field workers with the hope of helping to inspire a new generation farmers.  We hope our young workers will learn:
  • initial application and interview skills,
  • new employment and social skills, and
  • a deeper connection with and appreciation of their food supply.
On behalf of the Geyer family, the young workers and everyone else at Agriberry Farm, we want to thank all the Agriberry Farm CSA members who make it possible to provide this hands-on opportunity for local workers.  There are cheaper, more strictly efficient ways of harvesting crops, but we feel this opportunity is berry, berry important.
This program provides a first employment opportunity for many of these young workers. We don’t expect everyone who participates to turn out to be a farmer, and no previous agricultural experience is required.  The minimum age for this position is 14. Picking blackberries and raspberries isn’t for everyone–the work is physically strenuous and the heat can be extreme.  If you have health conditions that might be adversely affected by these conditions, don’t apply.
A Note to Parents:  If you feel this program might be a good fit for your son or daughter, please encourage them to apply.  Please do not apply on their behalf, but your consent is requested if they are under 18.  As part of the learning opportunity of this program, we ask that you allow them to work through the steps to employment on their own.

How to Apply

Important Note: Application procedures have changed from previous years! Please review these instructions carefully.  Interviews will not begin until May, and  our hiring needs spike in June, depending on field conditions. Repeated phone or email inquiries will not enhance your chances for employment with Agriberry Farm.
Step One:  Completely read our Worker Job Description, making note of the daily arrival time of 6:45 am, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Step Two:  If you feel you fit the job requirements, then please download and complete our 2014 Worker Application Form, and save it as a .pdf file under your own name.
Step Three: Once your application is ready, use the brief Initial Worker Contact Form below to upload your application and notify Agriberry of your interest in our position.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail verifying that your submission was successful.  (Or, you can attach it to an email to or mail it to the address provided on the form.)
Step Four:  Depending on our need for workers, you will be contacted by Agriberry to set a time for you to come to the farm for an interview.
Step Five:  Following your interview, you will be notified by the Field Manager as to whether you will be accepted into the Young Worker Training Program, your rate of compensation, and start date.  For new hires, there is a 5-day paid review process, which constitutes the final phase of the interview process.  If you complete this review period to the Field Supervisor’s satisfaction, you will be invited to join the harvest crew for the remainder of the season.